Lid Lifter
In life we have many things that seek to keep us from reaching our potential. John Maxwell calls them "Lids". If we more...

Seed Money
I'm becoming increasingly aware of our cultures lack of business intelligence. Growing up in a family business, a concept that was impressed upon me was that of "seed money." Unfortunately, when I use that term, few people have even heard it; more...

New on IBOcity
New IBO onboarding tips now available more...

Mission212 is dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life by offering mentorship and education.

Whatever your goals for starting your business are, we'd like to support you in your quest to accomplish them.

  • Eliminate debt and financial stress.
  • Own your own home.
  • Retire from your job to have more spare time.
  • Set your own hours so you can enjoy more time with family.
  • Belong to a team of people that represent authentic values.
  • Achieve significance by becoming the leader you were created to be.
  • Find purpose through positively impacting the lives of others.

It is our mission to inspire you as an Independent Business Owner affiliated with Amway, to reach for higher levels of achievement, equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed, and celebrate with you as you reach your goals.

We use the EDGe (entrepreneurial development group) for training and support materials.

We'd love to list YOUR name in "Success to Celebrate!"

Congrats to all the Personal 300 PV in Sept
Congrats to all the Personal 300 PV Qualifiers for the month of Sept '21! more...

Congrats to the Founders 300 Qualifiers
What a special time together with those who were able to attend the Celebration event in Lancaster, PA at the Magic and Wonder Theatre and dinner at Miller's Smorgasbord! more...

ICO Overview Chambersburg
ICO Overview Martin home Chambersburg, Pa more...

Mission212 Team meeting
Interactive Team meeting. Online only more...